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My thirty-two year career in leadership positions has catalyzed partnerships via strategic direction within government agencies, private firms, academic institutions, and non-profits across the United States, China, Southeast Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. As a dynamic communicator and facilitator, I am often called upon to assist diverse groups from around the world with team building, strategic planning, project management, and community resilience building. Recent accomplishments include principal facilitator on the Puerto Rico Climate Adaptation Plan, a lead author for the U.S. National Climate Assessment, co-founder of the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program, co-creator of the Rhode Island Municipal Resilience Program, and the chief architect of Community Resilience Building.

Commonwealth of Mass
Dept Conservation & Recreation
Climate Action Planning Workshop
May 2018
Boston, MA 
Lead Facilitator
Rhode Island Municipal Resilience Program
Community Resilience Building Process

Year-3 - 2021
Eight Municipalities
Lead Facilitator & Manager


Community Resilience Building
Process with
Sustainable CT

Year-4 - 2022
Four Municipalities
Lead Facilitator
Community Resilience Building University of Minnesota
Morris Model 
San Francisco State University

Spring 2022
Training & Workshop
Lead Facilitator & Trainer


Adam Whelchel

After a decade of development, the Community Resilience Building (CRB) Workshop has been tried, tested, and is trusted by 450 communities across 11 states. The Community Resilience Building Workshop provides a friendly “anywhere at any scale” approach for developing community resilience action plans. The CRB Workshops employ a unique community-driven process, rich with information, experience, and dialogue, where the participants identify top hazards, current challenges, strengths, and priority actions to improve resilience to all natural and climate-related hazards today, and in the future across the United States and the globe.   

Adam Whelchel

Exhilarating training session in Los Angeles on Community Resilience Building Workshop process today! Thanks to the collaboration with Second Nature and California State University Northridge, Long Beach, Los Angeles campuses and Los Angeles Valley College teams. Also conducted an inspirational training session with the next generation of urban planners at California State University – Northridge on Community Resilience Building. Forty-five urban planning graduate students geared up and ready to move San Fernando Valley towards a more resilient future.

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