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U.S. National Climate Assessment...

Over the last few years a large number of scientists, policy makers, and practitioners have focused on developing the Northeast Chapter of the U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA) (Full Report Link). In May of 2014, the final NCA report was released. As a lead author on the Northeast Chapter I was asked to join WNRP's Where We Live for a inform discussion on the projections and implications for the Northeast. You can listen in to the conversation by clicking here. The following week a group of distinguished meterologist joined the same program and provided very value perspectives on the issue - click here to join that discussion.

Ultimately, the key objective of the U.S. NCA, Whelchel said, is "to better inform Americans as to how they make choices about investments: where we build, where we live, and how we create safer and more resilient communities."

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