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The Inextricable Link...

Back in April of 2013, I was invited to give a presentation at Connecticut College's "The Quest for Global Environmental Equity in an Increasingly Inequitable World Conference". The talk, entittled "The Inextricable Link... Sustainability, Equitability, and Conservation in Africa", continues to resonate because it gave me a chance to summarize and find closure on a number of projects I have advanced while working in Africa with TNC. You can link to the video of my talk here.

The talk focuses on human well-being and its inextricably link to nature’s well-being. The commitment of communities to restore biodiversity, improve water quality and quantity, and livelihoods through sustainable watershed/rangeland management and better governance practice ultimately stimulates greater social equity in clean and secure environments. Examples are provided from The Nature Conservancy’s work in Africa including the Upper Tana River Water Fund and the Northern Rangelands Trust.

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