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Building Resilient Ecosystems in New Haven, Connecticut

Over the last few years the Coastal Resilience Program team has finalizing Salt Marsh Advancement Zone Assessments for every one of the 24 municipals along Connecticut's coastline including for New Haven, Connecticut. This work stands out as the first parcel-scale assessment of future salt marsh locations for the entirety of a state's coastline in the United States. The assessments also provide locations where the built environment will be in daily conflict with tides given continued sea level rise as well as where available opportunities exist for Salt Marsh Advancement in New Haven, Connecticut.

A few highlights of the Salt Marsh Advancement Zone Assessment of New Haven include the following:

  • The full extent of marsh advancement in Stonington by the 2080s is projected to be 1,674.9 acres, with 820.6 acres (49.0%) having suitable land cover for wetland advancement;

  • Approximately 344.1 acres of future salt marsh advancement are located on protected parcels (federal lands, state and municipal parks, private nature preserves, etc.);

  • Approximately 476.5 acres of future salt marsh advancement are located on “unprotected” parcels (non-conservation/open space lands);

  • Approximately 854.3 acres of currently built-up areas (parking lots, schools, churches, airports, etc.) will be in daily conflicts with tides, without action, in the future.

To view the New Haven report, reports for each of the 24 municipalities and a comprehensive roll-up for the entire coastline of Connecticut click HERE and scrolled down to the Salt Marsh Advancement Zone Assessment Reports.

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